Leap into Sustainability

the word "leap" is in an arch pointing to the middle of the word "sustainability" and looks like the word "leap" is jumping into the word "sustainability" for the play-on-words "leap into sustainability"Leap year does not come around very often – only every four years. Therefore, this auspicious occasion might be a great time to leap into some sustainability projects for your home or business! Here are a few sources to get you started:


Water Conservation

There are many options for water conservation such as landscaping with native plants and those that are drought resistant or check your house or business for water leaks.


Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency/conservation has been around for decades that there can be too much information to know where to start. Try just turning off lights when you leave rooms or getting automatic light sensors.


Zero Waste

Zero waste is more than just donating stuff you do not need any more. It is reducing waste and turning the waste you cannot avoid into a useful product. Examples include composting food scraps from a garden back into the garden or, for industries, recycling a waste from your process back into the production system or improving the process to produce less waste.


Green Business

Looking to take your business to the next level? Sustainability practices can give you the edge over your competitors by helping your bottom line and business your image.