America Recycles Day – November 15

shows the continetal 48 states with map markers pointing to thousands of recycling events


I Recycle, where the recycle is the recycle symbol and not the word; America Recycles Day November 15While recycling is not mandatory in America, over 30 percent of our trash is recycled. But recycling could be as high as 75 percent, which could dramatically impact other environmental impacts such as greenhouse gas emissions, freshwater resources, and create economic growth.


America Recycles Day was created on Nov. 15, 1997, by the National Recycling Coalition and is now organized by Keep America Beautiful. America Recycles Day is dedicated to raising the awareness of recycling and products made from recycled materials. Over 1,800 events recycling events have been registered in 2016 alone. Events range from awareness/education to collection of specific items (batteries, household hazardous waste, electronics) to even college/university sporting events. You can attend or organize an event in your area. Simple steps can be found on the America Recycles Day website.


Illinois has four upcoming events to celebrate America Recycles Day including “America Recycles Day – It’s Electric!” on Nov. 19 in Urbana, Ill. Be on the look-out for more info on this event and other similar opportunities such as ISTC’s Illini Gadget Garage. This campus program reduces technology trash by empowering people to fix their own electronics, extending their useful life, with a do-it-yourself approach.




image showing locations in Illinois hosting recycle day events