Sustainable Home Renovations

home renovationSummer and Renovations are like two peas in a pod, birds of a feather, or peanut butter and jelly.  They just seem to go together. Let’s take a look at a few sustainable options for home renovations.


Environment: Sustainably Sourced Materials

Sustainably sourced materials include those that are sourced locally or are made with renewable or recycled materials. One example is bamboo flooring; because of bamboo’s ability to grow quickly it is considered renewable. Another example is recycled glass or rock counter tops.

While these options bring sustainability into the home, often times we do not think about materials leaving. Should we be satisfied with our unwanted renovation materials ending up in the landfill? NO! If the only thing wrong with the kitchen cabinets, the bathroom sink, the front door, or the living room couch is that it is outdated or doesn’t fit in the new design theme, then consider carefully removing these items and taking them to a reuse or architecture salvage store. Examples of these types of stores include:

kitchen island with sink and counter tops made of recycled glassEconomy & Society

While summer and warm weather might seem like the logical time to conduct home renovations, it might not be the best for the pocket book or peace of mind. Summer time always seems to go by so fast with kids’ summer camps, weddings, and vacations. Plus, with spring and summer being the time when most people do renovations, you might feel that you and your contractor don’t have the time to devote 100% to your project. In addition, material prices usually increase during this peak season due to higher demands.

Planning ahead and get started in the construction off season could both save money on material costs and allow your contractor to give you the attention your project deserves. The contractor may also be able to complete your project early in the off season because they will not have as many projects on the books. In addition, providing business to local contractors during the off season creates a stable, steady flow of income to a local business, which will in turn simulate the local economy and society.


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