ISTC Supercapacitor Research Gets Most Online Buzz

Highly ordered macroporous woody biochar with ultra-high carbon content as supercapacitor electrodes” by ISTC researchers Junhua Jiang, Lei Zhang, Xinying Wang, Nancy Holm, Kishore Rajagopalan, and colleagues at the University of South Carolina had the highest altmetric scores from for the Electrochimica Acta for the past six months. This is particularly noteworthy since the articles was published online in November.


The article by lead author, Senior Researcher Jiang, received an altmetric score of 43 for the period. The next most popular article received a score of eight.


The Illinois Hazardous Waste Research Fund and the HeteroFoaM Center (an Energy Frontier Research Center funded by the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Basic Research) supported this study.


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