Meet ISTC’s new researchers

Over the past several months, we have added several new researchers to our staff.

Zuleima (Zul) Chagui is a Business Development Specialist with the Technical Assistance Program. Prior to joining ISTC,  she was a graduate research assistant at the Coleman Entrepreneurship Center in Chicago, where she focused on social entrepreneurship. She develops and maintains relationships with businesses and communities in order to evaluate their sustainability needs and generate projects to address these needs.

Martina del Cerro is an Applications/Process Engineer in the Applied Research group. She comes to us from the University of Illinois Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. She is working on a U.S. DOE project to recover waste heat and water in coal-fired power plants.

Jaemin Kim is a Research Scientist – Materials Scientist in the Applied Research group. Prior to joining ISTC, he was a Postdoctoral Research Associate in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at the University of Illinois. His research broadly encompasses catalytic materials, with a particular focus on sustainable energy technologies. Since joining ISTC, he has broadened his research and is primarily focused on the electrochemical degradation of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances associated with environmental pollution.

Jennifer Martin is an Environmental Program Development Specialist in the Sponsored Research, Public Engagement, and Communications group. Before joining ISTC, Jennifer was a senior program coordinator for the Illinois Green Economy Network (IGEN). At ISTC, she identifies and tracks emerging issues and research needs related to water, public health, and the environment.  Currently, she is assisting with the new Solar Panel Recycling Initiative. Read more about Jennifer in her recent staff profile.

Linduo Zhao is a Research Scientist – Biogeochemist in the Applied Research group. Prior to joining ISTC, she was a post-doctoral research associated at Oak Ridge National Lab. Her previous research included iron redox processes in clay minerals, biogeochemical transformation of mercury in environmental media, and bioremediation/biodegradation of heavy metal/organic contaminants. Her current research focuses on recovery of rare earth elements and biogeochemical transformations and microbial community functions at critical interface.