What to do with Wood Waste – Research & Conference

the words From lumber and paper to building and shipping, wood can be used in a wide variety of ways. But with all those different applications comes many different waste streams including wood itself as a waste product. ISTC has partnered with Western Illinois University and the Metropolitan Mayors Caucus to find new markets for waste wood. Read more about the project via our news page titled “Wood Waste Market Research Could Benefit Illinois Business.”


In addition, ISTC is pleased to announce that we will be a partner sponsor for the March 18 conference (and March 17 hardwood workshop), Bringing the Urban Forest Full Circle, at Hamburger University in Oak Brook, IL.  The conference will highlight opportunities for individuals, businesses, trade groups and public entities to capitalize on the salvage and conversion of community trees into high-valued logs, lumbers and wood products. Plan to join us for this event.

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