Governor’s Sustainability Awards Morning Keynote Panel: Shaping the Future of Production

sustainable productsClients, shareholders, and consumers continue to pressure businesses, product manufacturers, and suppliers to produce products that reduce resource use while improving process and equipment efficiency. In addition, utility and raw material prices will continue to rise, as demand increases with a steadily growing population. As these and other sustainability standards and cost barriers continue to grow, companies will need to continue being creative on how to produce a quality product while maintaining a price point that is competitive.


At October 27th’s Governor’s Sustainability Awards Ceremony, the morning keynote panel will focus on manufacturers, businesses, and organizations that are helping to shape the future of production through sustainable resource management and process optimization. Learn more about sustainable production here.


global challenge Businesses have many opportunities to conserve by using fewer resources. Energy and water efficiency are especially important, although they are not always considered in connection with one another. Energy and water planners at the state and national level routinely make decisions that impact each another without adequately understanding the scientific or policy complexities of the other sector. This lack of understanding about the energy-water nexus often leads to missed opportunities for conservation, which has a negative impact on budgets, efficiency, the environment, and public health. Kate Zerrenner, Climate and Energy Project Manager for the Environmental Defense Fund, will discuss the longstanding division of these fundamentally intertwined resources.


bell helmetsKyle Kietzmann, President and COO of Bell Racing USA, the world’s premiere auto racing helmet company, will discuss key management and process optimization strategies that address the growing market for sustainably produced goods and more efficient resource use. He will also discuss how other leading sports equipment manufacturers are driving efficiency through sustainable production.


These organizations and companies are bringing greater awareness to opportunities and best practices for implementing more sustainable production processes that help Illinois companies shape a sustainable manufacturing future. By investing in sustainable production, companies realize the long- term benefits of investing in well-designed, resource efficient technologies and processes with engaged, well-trained employees who are invested in the organization’s sustainable mission.


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