Walgreens Creates New Medicine Take-Back Program

Walgreens logoWalgreens has started a medicine take back program at select Walgreens in Illinois.  If all goes well, they will be expanding the program to other states later this year. A full list of take-back locations and more details about the program can be found in their press release.


There are a variety of reasons to take advantage of such programs. One of the most important reasons, fighting drug abuse – a national public health and safety concern.  Another reason is to prevent accidental contamination of the environment. Find out more information on how medicines and personal care products enter the environment, affect plants and animals, and potential solutions on ISTC’s website.


Many Illinois communities have already started take-back programs.  Typically the drop boxes are located at police stations. Find a drop box in your community by visiting the Illinois EPA’s searchable map.


Don’t already have a medicine take-back program in your community? You can start your own local take-back program. Visit the Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant’s (IISG) website to learn more. IISG may have funding opportunities or could help procure funding assistance for your community.