World Water Day – March 22

industrial pipe with potable water arrow signNow more than ever water is becoming a critical resource around the globe.  Increasing water shortages are predicted as more water is used by a growing world population and rainfall patterns are altered due to climate change.  A recent report by the UN predicts a 40% shortfall in water by 2030.


In order to bring awareness to the issues involving clean water, water use, and adequate water supplies, World Water Day was established by the UN in 1993 and is celebrated on March 22.  It is a great reminder that water touches all aspects of our lives. Did you know that the U.S. uses more water in a day than it uses oil in a year!!!


Learn more about how much water is used to make a T-shirt or how much evaporates each day and other amazing facts and do your part to conserve and use water wisely (ISTC’s Billion Gallon Water Challenge).