Sustainability in Action Seminar Series Announced

The fall Sustainability Seminar Series resumes at noon, Thursday, Sept. 26 with Jeff Mendez, Global Communications Director, ERS International, speaking on “Upcycling of Electronics.” Mendez will speak via a live webinar from Toronto.

Plan ahead to participate in all of this fall’s seminars. They will be live at ISTC’s Stephen J. Warner Conference Room, or at Room 218 Mechanical Engineering Building at the University of Illinois. They will also be available as a live webcast. Check back here for details on accessing the webcasts, or check All of the seminars can be viewed at both venues.

Oct. 3        Eric Benson, Associate Professor and Chair, UIUC Graphics Design Program, “Fields of Gold, Deckles, and Moulds:  Fresh Press and Agri-Fiber Papers” – 218 MEB

Oct. 10     Dr. John Marlin, Research Affiliate, UIUC Illinois Sustainable Technology Center, “Mud-to-Parks: Beneficial Use of Sediment as Reclaimed Topsoil in Illinois”  – ISTC 

Oct. 24     Dr. Sam Weaver, Proton Power Inc., Lenoir City, Tennessee, “Powering a Clean Tomorrow:  Cheap Hydrogen from Biomass”  – ISTC 

Oct. 31     Dr. Mark Taylor, Assistant Professor, UIUC School of Architecture – 218 MEB – “The U.S. Department of Energy’s Solar Decathlon Competition and the Progress to Solar Ready Housing” – 218 MEB

Nov. 7      Dr. Sherri Mason, Associate Professor of Chemistry, SUNY Fredonia, NY, “Great Lakes Plastic Pollution Survey 2012” (via webinar from New York)   Nov. 14    Mike Hoadley, Founder,, Chicago 218 MEB  “Challenges in Vertical Farming and Controlled Environments Agriculture” – ISTC

Dec. 5       Joy Scrogum & Nancy Holm, co-coordinators, Sustainable Electronics Initiative, UIUC, Illinois Sustainable Technology Center, “2013 International Sustainable Electronics Competition Awards Presentation” – ISTC