Sustainability and the US Army Corps of Engineers

The US Army Corps of Engineers (ACE) employs over 35,000 military and civilian engineers which provide engineering solutions in 130 countries.  Research to develop the latest and best engineering solutions in conducted in house at the ACE’s Engineer Research and Development Center (ERDC) which consists of 14 facilities across the nation including Alaska. Local to Champaign, IL, is the Construction Engineering Research Laboratory (CERL) which conducts research on military installations; contingency bases; sustainable ranges and lands; enhancing socio-cultural understanding in theater operations; and improving civil works facilities and infrastructure, to name a few. CERL also houses ERDC’s Center for the Advancement of Sustainability Innovations (CASI), which was started in 2006 to help ACE and the DoD (Department of Defense) become more sustainable.


front cover of the Sustainability-Related Publications Calender Years 2014-2015 publication by CASICASI recently released a document discussing 2014 and 2015 publications related to sustainability (Sustainability-Related Publications Calendar Years 2014 – 2015). The document groups the papers into nine categories (in order of appearance):

  • Anticipating Emerging Issues
  • Climate Change
  • Sustainable Installations — Net Zero Planning
  • Sustainable Energy Solutions
  • Sustainable Water & Waste Resources
  • Sustainable Facilities and Infrastructure
  • Sustainable Contingency Basing
  • Sustainable Natural Infrastructure
  • Green Remediation and Reuse

Each sections includes the authors, publication titles, if the publication is a draft, and a link to the publication (if it is available), abstract, and an image from the full publication.


Sources and More Reading