Sustainable Electronics Seminar Series; Next Webinar Scheduled for Sept. 19

This fall, the ISTC Sustainability Seminars are focused on the Sustainable Electronics. The series kicked off on September 5th when Professor William Bullock and Joy Scrogum presented “Electronic Waste: Our Problem and What We Should Do About It.” See the Sustainable Electronics Initiative Blog post on that webinar, and check the ISTC web site for the archived version.

The next event, which will be hosted at ISTC headquarters in Champaign, IL and simultaneously broadcast online will be a presentation by Dr. Callie Babbitt of the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) on “Adapting Ecological Models for Linking Sustainable Production and Consumption Dynamic in Consumer Electronic Product Systems.” This webinar is scheduled for Wednesday, September 19 from noon to 1PM Central. Registration for the webinar is available at Those on the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign campus are invited to come to ISTC to view the presentation. See the Sustainable Electronics Initiative Blog post on this webinar for further details.

The ISTC Sustainability Seminar series is a year-long series of seminars, usually one or two per month, presented by researchers, business professionals, and policy makers. It is an opportunity to share scientific research and discussion with peers in a relaxed, informal environment. Please feel free to bring a lunch to the local presentation.  Seminars usually last about an hour and questions are welcome. The seminars will be broadcast live and will also be videotaped and archived on the ISTC website,

Further seminars in the Sustainable Electronics series are as follows:

  • Wed., Oct. 3: Craig Boswell – Co-founder & President, HOBI International, Inc. “Closing the Loop on Electronic Devices”
  • Wed., Oct. 17 or Thurs., Oct 18: TBA
  • Mon., Nov. 5: Dr. Carol Handwerker – Reinhardt Schuhmann Jr. Professor of Materials Engineering, Purdue University. “Pb-free Electronic Assemblies and Integration of Materials Life Cycle in Design and Manufacturing of Electronics”
  • Tue., Dec. 4: Joy Scrogum and Nancy Holm – Sustainable Electronics Initiative Co-Coordinators, ISTC. “2012 International E-waste Design Competition Video Presentations and Awards” See for further details on this competition.

The Sustainable Electronics Initiative (SEI) is dedicated to the development and implementation of a more sustainable system for designing, producing, remanufacturing, and recycling electronic devices. SEI is part of the Sponsored Research Program at the Illinois Sustainable Technology Center (ISTC). ISTC is a Division of the Prairie Research Institute on the campus of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. SEI is geared toward conducting and sponsoring research, as well as integrating principles of sustainability into the curricula and educational experiences of engineers, industrial designers, computer scientists and others involved in the design, manufacture, and consumption of electronic products.

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